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GS100 Glider rig

Experience the ultimate in flight simulation with the GS100 Glider Rig, crafted for realism and comfort. It features a custom-made LusoMotors seat based on the MK8 model and a sturdy 4040 aluminum frame for easy setup. Enhanced with a precision-engineered 25 cm travel stick, adjustable rudder pedals, and a fully-equipped center console, it's available for 2,399 EUR

GS300 Glider rig

Introducing the GS400 Glider Rig: a top-tier flight simulation solution featuring a beautifully welded, robust frame and an Active Control Loading system for unmatched realism. Equipped with toolless rudder distance adjustment and a dedicated gear handle, it allows for personalized, ergonomic control. Priced at 5,299 EUR (excluding VAT), the GS400 is designed for those who seek the ultimate in precision and immersion in flight simulation.

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