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GS100 Glider rig

Experience the ultimate in flight simulation with the GS100 Glider Rig, crafted for realism and comfort. It features a custom-made LusoMotors seat based on the MK8 model and a sturdy 4040 aluminum frame for easy setup. Enhanced with a precision-engineered 25 cm travel stick, adjustable rudder pedals, and a fully-equipped center console, it's available for 2,399 EUR

Introducing the GS100 Glider Rig, a state-of-the-art simulation solution for both enthusiasts and professionals. Designed with precision engineering and high-quality materials, the GS300 brings the thrill of glider flight into your space.

Key Features:

Custom-Made Comfort: Equipped with a LusoMotors custom seat, based on the renowned MK8 model, the GS100 ensures exceptional comfort during long simulation sessions. This ergonomic design allows you to focus on the experience without any discomfort.

Robust Construction: The frame of the GS100 is crafted from 4040 aluminum profiles, known for their strength and lightweight properties. This design ensures not only durability but also ease of assembly, allowing you to set up your rig with minimal hassle.

Precision Crafted Controllers: All controllers in the GS100 are meticulously created from aluminum using CNC machining. This process guarantees precision and longevity. The incorporation of high-quality bearings in these controllers enhances their durability and ensures accurate input response.

Control Setup:

Aileron and Elevator Stick: A responsive stick with 25 cm of travel provides realistic control over the aileron and elevator axes, offering an immersive flying experience.

Stick Handle Lever: This versatile lever functions as either a trim or a wheel brake, giving you additional control and flexibility during your flight.

Center Console: The heart of the GS100's interface, featuring a tow release knob and 11 programmable buttons. These controls allow you to manage various features such as landing gear, PDA, and scenarios in simulation software like Condor.

Adjustable Rudder Pedals: Tailor your flying experience with rudder pedals that have adjustable distances. Easily modify the pedal positions using four knobs at the mounting points for personalized comfort and control.


For seamless simulation connectivity, the GS300 uses the LeoBodnar BU0836A controllers. Renowned for its reliability and precision, this controller ensures that every input is accurately reflected in your simulation.


The GS300 Glider Rig is priced at 2,399 EUR (excluding VAT). For companies within the EU, the VAT is 0%, offering additional value.


Estimated delivery time for the GS300 is approximately 6 weeks, allowing us to ensure that each rig meets our stringent quality standards before it reaches you.

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