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GS300 Glider simulator

Introducing the GS300 Glider Rig, a state-of-the-art solution for flight simulation enthusiasts and professionals seeking the ultimate in realism and quality. This model combines an elegant, robust design with innovative features, including an Active Control Loading system, setting a new standard in simulation experiences.

Welded Frame Design: The GS300 stands out with its beautifully welded frame, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures robustness and stability. This superior construction is designed for longevity, providing an unmatched simulation experience for years.

Elegant and Sturdy Construction: Every aspect of the frame reflects careful design and craftsmanship, offering both durability and visual appeal. The GS300 is a statement piece, ideal for both professional training environments and home simulation setups.

Enhanced Realism with Active Control Loading in the GS300 Glider Rig
The GS300 Glider Rig sets a new benchmark in flight simulation with its advanced Active Control Loading system, a feature that significantly elevates the authenticity and immersion of the simulation experience. This system is ingeniously integrated into both the stick base and the rudder, offering an unparalleled level of dynamic force feedback.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Powerful Brushless Motors: At the heart of the GS300's Active Control Loading system are powerful brushless motors. These motors are renowned for their exceptional response speed, high torque, and precise control. They play a crucial role in accurately replicating the real-world forces a pilot would experience in a glider. This level of detail in force feedback allows for a more nuanced and realistic interaction with the flight controls, enhancing the training and simulation experience.

Responsive Force Feedback: The system dynamically adjusts the feedback based on in-flight conditions, ensuring that the pilot feels every nuance of the simulated flight. From the resistance during a steep turn to the subtle changes when encountering different air currents, the Active Control Loading system makes every moment in the simulator as realistic as possible.

Wide Compatibility with Simulation Software:
Condor Compatibility (DirectX): For gliding enthusiasts and professionals, the GS300's compatibility with Condor through DirectX is a significant advantage. Condor is a dedicated gliding simulator, and the GS300's integration allows for an immersive, realistic soaring experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (SimConnect): The GS300 also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Flight Simulator via SimConnect. This compatibility ensures that users can experience a wide range of flight scenarios and environments with the same level of realism and precision.

X-Plane Integration (Native Telemetry): The GS300 extends its versatility with native telemetry integration with X-Plane. This feature allows the rig to accurately reflect the diverse flight dynamics and conditions present in X-Plane, further enhancing the scope of simulation.

The combination of powerful brushless motors, dynamic force feedback, and broad software compatibility makes the GS300 Glider Rig an exemplary choice for simulation enthusiasts and professionals. It's not just a tool for simulation; it's a gateway to experiencing the intricate and thrilling aspects of glider flight, brought to life with technological excellence and precision engineering.

Gear Handle and Rudder Distance Adjustment Lever: Alongside the gear handle, the GS300 includes an innovative lever that allows the user to adjust the distance to the rudders easily. This unique feature adds to the rig's functionality, enabling you to tailor the setup to your precise requirements for a more authentic flight experience.

Why Choose the GS300?
The GS300 Glider Rig is more than a simulation device; it's an investment in the highest level of flight simulation realism and quality. Ideal for both training and hobbyists, the GS300 caters to those who demand the best in their simulation experience. Whether you're preparing for real-world gliding, enhancing your simulation hobby, or providing clients with an exceptional simulation experience, the GS300 is the ultimate choice.

Value for Investment: Priced at 5,299 EUR (excluding VAT), the GS300 Glider Rig offers exceptional value for its features and quality. This competitive pricing reflects the rig's advanced technology and premium materials, making it an accessible yet high-end option for those passionate about flight simulation.
Lead Time:
Estimated Delivery: The estimated lead time for the GS300 is about 6 weeks. This period allows for each unit to be crafted with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that every rig meets the high standards expected by our customers. The lead time also reflects our commitment to quality control, ensuring that when the GS300 reaches you, it is ready to provide an unparalleled simulation experience.

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