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Helicopter Force Feedback Anti torque pedals

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Take Command with Unparalleled Precision: Introducing Our Force Feedback Anti-Torque Pedals

Feel the Rotor's Thrum. Master the Skies.

Experience helicopter flight simulation like never before with our revolutionary force feedback anti-torque pedals. Engineered for the most demanding virtual pilots, these pedals deliver an unmatched level of realism and control.

Unwavering Strength:

  • 160 Newtons of Force: Counter the relentless torque of your helicopter with unwavering resistance, accurately simulating the physical demands of flight.
  • 440-Watt BLDC Motor: A powerful, industrial-grade motor ensures smooth, instant response to your every input, translating the finest movements into precise helicopter control.

Built to Endure:

  • Full Metal Construction: Aircraft-grade materials guarantee unwavering durability, withstanding the most intense virtual maneuvers.
  • Aluminum CNC Arms: Experience unparalleled precision and control with meticulously crafted, CNC-machined aluminum arms.
  • 3D-Printed Stainless Steel Footrests: Step onto a platform of strength and comfort. Our 3D-printed stainless steel footrests provide a secure and ergonomic foundation for extended flight sessions.

Unleash the Full Potential:

  • Simnautica ControlSync Software by FFBeast: Fine-tune your experience with our proprietary Simnautica ControlSync software by FFBeast. This powerful, fully-customizable software allows you to tailor force feedback effects and response curves to perfectly match your flying style and preferred flight simulator.
  • Broad Compatibility: Take to the skies in your favorite simulation software. Our pedals are compatible with a wide range of flight sims, including MSFS, X-Plane, DCS, IL-2, and Condor.

Command the Skies with Confidence:

These force feedback anti-torque pedals, paired with the Simnautica ControlSync software, are the missing link to true helicopter flight simulation. Feel the power, precision, and unmatched realism that will elevate your virtual piloting skills to new heights.


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